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Services offered at Lake Macquarie Geriatrics

Many seniors and family members think that the reason the seniors are not feeling well or having troubles remembering things or people is because they are getting older. But this is not always the case. Seeing a geriatrician (medical specialist in Geriatric Medicine) can help diagnose the cause and prescribe appropriate treatments for older adults. We can potentially help patients with:

  • Memory loss and confusion

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Osteoporosis and falls

  • Medication problems or side effects

  • Poor appetite or weight loss

  • Decreased ability to perform daily activities

  • Concerns about current living situation

Lake Macquarie Geriatrics care for patients through the following clinical services:

  1. In-patient acute medical treatment at the Lake Macquarie Private Hospital​

  2. Outpatient clinic at the Lake Macquarie Specialist Centre

During the initial consultation with your geriatrician, most patients will receive a comprehensive geriatric assessment to gain an overall understanding of the patient's health. The exam may last up to 60 minutes and may include:

  • Memory test

  • Frailty screening

  • Nutrition assessment

  • Check of muscle strength, gait and balance

  • Discussion of existing health conditions

  • Review of medications

  • Depression screening

It is helpful for a family member or trusted friend to accompany the patient for this visit and any subsequent office visits.

Patients may be advised to follow up with their primary care physician (GP) or asked to return for additional care with our geriatrician.

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