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Older adults or elderly care

Partnering in Health. Improving Care for Older Adults.

As we age, our minds and bodies change in ways that can have a profound effect on quality of life. Age-related conditions are often complex and may require specialised medical care. In Lake Macquarie Geriatrics our goal is to provide individualized holistic care, preventive services, geriatric assessments, and advice on chronic disease management to the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Area community.

Geriatric Medical Services

Lake Macquarie Geriatrics provides clinical and diagnostic services for older people with ‘geriatric syndromes’, including:

  • Care of acutely unwell older persons at the Lake Macquarie Private Hospital

  • Geriatrician Assessment (Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment)

  • Dementia diagnosis and treatment

  • Delirium management in Hospital

  • Falls assessment and mitigation strategies

  • Medication review and rationalisation

  • Planning for future needs  See more >>

Better Care Starts with You!

Geriatrician Assessment

We provide clinical and diagnostic services for older people with ‘geriatric syndromes’, including dementia, delirium, depression, falls, frailty, and mobility and continence problems.


Medication Review

Older people with many co-existing medical problems necessitating multiple medications will receive a holistic review of the appropriateness of all their treatments. 


Falls and Balance

Falls and balance problems are common as we grow older and sometimes the cause of the falls is complex or unclear. We provide individualised assessment that identifies the main risk factors associated with falls and access to falls prevention strategies.


Planning for future needs

We can advise on options for staying home and provide education and support for family and carers. It is a good idea to put plans in place ahead of time to cover you in case you get seriously ill or injured and you are not able to make decisions about your care.  

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